Bruton Forum 2019-20


A Katherine Grieb - Holy God, Holy Writ
9.13.19, 7:30pm

Katherine Grieb is the Meade Professor in Biblical Interpretation at the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA. She is an Episcopal priest, a co-founder of the Pauline Soteriology Group at the Society of Biblical Literature, and a board member of the Journal of Theological Interpretation. In addition to her many articles, the Rev'd Dr. Grieb is author of The Story of Romans (Westminster John Knox, 2002), and co-editor of The Word Leaps the Gap (Eerdmans, 2008).


Andrew Davison - "Seeing through a Glass, Darkly: Scientific and Scriptural Knowledge"
10.25.19, 7:00pm

The Rev’d Dr. Andrew Davison is the Starbridge Lecturer in Theology and Natural Science at Cambridge University, the Dean of Chapel at Corpus Christi, and the Canon Philosopher of St. Alban's Cathedral, the first canon philosopher in the Church of England. In 2016-17, Andrew was a visiting fellow at the Center of Theological Inquiry at Princeton on a NASA-funded program to think about the theological and religious implications of life elsewhere in the universe. He is author of many books, including the recently-published Participation in God: A Study in Christian Doctrine and Metaphysics (Cambridge 2019). He has also published a number of excellent articles, including "Christian Systematic Theology and Life Elsewhere in the Universe: A Study in Suitability" (in Theology and Science 2018). He is currently finishing a book on the doctrinal implications of astrobiology, due to be published in early 2020.


Katherine Sonderegger — “Trinity and Unity in the One God”
2.3.20, 7:00pm

The Rev'd Dr. Sonderegger is an Episcopal priest, and the William Meade Chair in Systematic Theology at the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA, and author of Systematic Theology, Vol 1: The Doctrine of God (Fortress Press, 2015), and That Jesus Christ Was Born a Jew: Karl Barth's "Doctrine of Israel" (Penn State Press, 1992). Her lecture on the Doctrines of Divine Unity and Triunity anticipates the publication of the second volume in her Systematic Theology, due 2020.

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Kara Slade - “The Fullness of Time”
3.30.20, 7:00pm

The Rev'd Canon Dr Kara N Slade is Chaplain at The Episcopal Church at Princeton, Associate Rector at Trinity Church Princeton, and the Canon Theologian of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey. She holds doctorates in Engineering and Theology from Duke University, and is author of the forthcoming The Fullness of Time (Wipf and Stock). Slade will address the doctrine of Creation in her lecture, “The Fullness of Time: Jesus Christ, Time, and Modernity.”